Tips For Participants Heading to Family Court in Sydney


Attending family court in Sydney can be a stressful experience for many parties.

Whether it is a spouse who is attempting to manage through a marriage dissolution, facing charges due to domestic violence allegations, organising adoption or guardianship, fighting for child custody to dealing with a juvenile matter, emotions can be running high.

This is where participants have to put their best foot forward, if not to influence the outcome on the day but to at least showcase a degree of discipline and respect for the judicial system.

Here we will outline some key tips for men and women negotiating these courts, giving them some advice for what is to follow.


Have Smart and Formal Attire

Impressions matter when attending family court in Sydney, and it is beneficial for men and women to dress in smart and formal attire. For those of lower income status, there are no hard and fast rules for what to wear. Yet it will speak volumes about their respect for the environment and their capacity to subconsciously influence the outcome if they struggle to find formal wear that is well presented for others to see.


Arrive to Court Early

Being punctual does help those participants who have to attend family court in Sydney. Especially when discussing the matter with a lawyer as they prepare for the day ahead, this is time that should be optimised rather than sitting around anxiously expecting a bad outcome. There will be dozens of other parties waiting for their own hearing, so the sooner they can arrive and be prepared the better position they will be come the time they are called.


Have Representation on Hand or at Least Discussed Beforehand

For a general hearing that takes place within a family court in Sydney, individuals can have their solicitor attending alongside them or they can be present independently. Irrespective of what option they decide to take, it is always beneficial to at least have been referred by a legal representative who can advise on the best course of action for the spouse. Making instinct calls without this experienced legal expertise is fraught with danger as they can be unaware of the potential outcomes.


Ensure Children Are Looked After During Proceeding

It can be difficult for single working parents to find somewhere or someone to look after their children when visiting a family court in Sydney. However, this is not an environment where they are permitted and it is fundamental that they make arrangements about their care ahead of time. There will be occasions whereby the child will be requested to speak with a consultant to glean more about the nature of the case, but these discussions will be held in different sessions.


Be Calm and Patient

It is easier said than done but a day at the local family court in Sydney can be a tense, stressful and emotionally tiring day. This is where a level of calm and patience really does help the situation. Whether it is a spouse negotiating child custody or fighting over the terms of a divorce, there is always the possibility of future hearings in the interim months and years. Should an emotional outbreak occur where law enforcement and security have to step in, that will only be detrimental for the parties involved and reflect poorly on their capacity to advocate for their rights.



Despite all the tension and anxiety that can be present when attending family court in Sydney, it always serves participants well when they present a calm, respectful and considered demeanour. The judge takes careful consideration for how individuals treat their courtroom, so behaviour has to be as perfect as humanly possible.