Key Areas of Focus for Blockchain Development in Sydney


Creating a distributed ledger through a peer-to-peer network opens up all manner of new possibilities.

What was considered business as usual no longer has to be the case with this unique form of technology, ensuring that traditional intermediaries who would handle everything from financial transactions to votes can be bypassed.

On a local level, there are some serious considerations that have to be covered in order to be a success.

This is where certain key areas of focus have to be covered to see blockchain development in Sydney fulfill its potential.


Catering to a Need in The Market

In order for blockchain development in Sydney to be considered a success, it needs to answer a very fundamental question from the perspective of the user: how does this technology apply to my needs or my business? The value proposition is key in this respect because it will help to overcome any of the logistical or technical deficiencies that can occur over the lifespan of the project. Should that proposition not exist in the first place as communities utilise another behaviour or means of transferring information, then the entire exercise will be a waste.


Identifying The Working Model

Just as blockchain development in Sydney needs to focus on catering to a market need, it also needs to shape its solution on one of the following blockchain implementation models:

  • Public
  • Private
  • Hybrid
  • Federated

A public model won’t require users to seek any permission to opt-in, offering an entirely decentralised system that sees no single entity enjoying control. A private channel will require permission on the other hand, but there are open and closed designs to each interpretation where a hybrid system could be suitable.


Testing The Solution

Making the transition from a concept to a tangible system of operation requires extensive testing. This is a process that can be carried out with internal models, but will often be complimented when leveraging applications of software. The better the software, the easier this phase will be for the participants. It is a means of identifying inconsistencies that will work to establish blockchain development in Sydney and a critical juncture that will be carried out in stages.


Proof of Concept Development

Whether it is through a workshop or for a project with a local organisation, blockchain development in Sydney has to meet the needs of a proof of concept or POC for short. This is, in essence, a prototype that allows participants to test the working model in a real-world environment. If it ticks the right boxes and doesn’t falter, then it will be considered feasible. The good news is that it can be applied to a range of different operators depending on where the technology is designed to be utilised, offering opportunities for retail services, energy outlets, insurance specialists and communication entities respectively.


3 Phases of Blockchain Marketing

There are three distinct elements involved in a marketing campaign that will apply to blockchain development in Sydney. This will feature product marketing, corporate marketing and customer marketing. It is a means of explaining the purpose of the product to the market, crafting an effective message and branding the blockchain to promoting its credibility to the target market for the purpose of sales.


Product Roll-Out

Once these areas of focus have been analysed and tested, the final step for blockchain development in Sydney is to actually roll out the product. If it has met all of the benchmarks that were outlined in the previous phases and it passes the testing, then it can be gradually rolled out to selected constituents. Success is never guaranteed but if due diligence has been done, then there is a good chance that participants will receive a healthy return on investment (ROI).