Driver’s license: what is the probationary period?

Any driving license is followed by a probationary period or probationary license. This step imposes constraints for a period that can extend from 1.5 to 3 years, depending on the case. Above all, the license initially has only 6 points, which will be supplemented regularly by other points until reaching the 12 points of a traditional license.

The probationary period or probationary license: what is it?

Young drivers have fewer points on their driver’s license and are subject to more restrictive regulations. Just out of their training, they need to be encouraged to be cautious and respect the recently learned rules. The probationary license aims to raise awareness of the laws of the road (which they know, but they are just starting to apply), as well as to push them to a responsible driving that will build a solid foundation for their driving throughout of their life.

“Good to know: the probationary license does not only concern young drivers

Different audiences than new holders of a first driver’s license must also go through a probationary period before obtaining their 12 points. Firstly, drivers obtaining a new license following the invalidation of the previous one by total loss of points. A similar but different case, are also concerned drivers who acquire a new license when a judge canceled the previous one.”